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Includes: 1 x Sakura Blossom Festival Wax Melt 1 x Majestic Mount Fuji Wax Melt 1 x Sweet Plum Sake Wax Melt 1 x Unscented Tea Light Candle Accessory: 1 x Ceramic Melt Warmer

This gift set holds a trio of delightfully scented Single Wax Melts including Sakura Blossom Festival, Majestic Mount Fuji and Sweet Plum Sake. Also, included in the set is a white ceramic Melt Warmer and unscented Tea Light Candle. Transport yourself, or someone special, to a land of indescribable beauty with the fragrant flourish of serene scents that will inspire your very own ritual.

To enjoy Yankee Candle® Sakura Blossom Festival fragrance experience to its fullest, please remember to follow Candle Care instructions and always use a Wax Melt with a Wax Melt Warmer. Help Yankee Candle® give this packaging, paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests, a second life by recycling correctly.

Wax Melt Warmer Gift Set

SKU: 5038581129716

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