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Includes: 3 x Sakura Blossom Festival Tea Light Candle 3 x Majestic Mount Fuji Tea Light Candle 3 x Sweet Plum Sake Tea Light Candle 3 x Mango Ice Cream Tea Light Candle 3 x Berry Mochi Tea Light Candle 3 x Tranquil Garden Tea Light Candle Accessory: 1 x White Ceramic Tea Light Holder

This gift set holds eighteen scented Tea Light Candles including Sakura Blossom Festival, Sweet Plum Sake, Mango Ice Cream, Majestic Mount Fuji, Tranquil Garden and Berry Mochi. Also included in the set is a white ceramic Tea Light Holder. To enjoy Yankee Candle® Sakura Blossom Festival fragrance experience to its fullest, please remember to follow Candle Care instructions and always use a Tea Light Candle with a suitable holder.

This gift set comes enchantingly packaged in a keepsake box, making it ready to gift. The re-usable box is perfect to store your own cherished items to create your own personal sanctuary.

18 Tealight 1 Holder Gift Set

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